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Note: If you are looking to order rapid tests for your business in Waterloo Region, please order here.

Visit the Ontario Chamber of Commerce page for a list of all Chambers of Commerce distributing rapid tests.


Potential Delays

Access to free rapid antigen tests may be delayed. The demand is high, and our supply is temporarily limited due to increased need in our highest risk health care settings. Thank you for your patience.

Due to high demand across the province, pick ups outside of the regional area of your primary business location cannot be accommodated. Please note that the request may not be fulfilled if you have placed an order outside your region and we suggest that you refrain from doing so.

Welcome to the StaySafe™ rapid antigen workplace screening portal. Rapid antigen screening is a quick way to identify employees with COVID-19 symptoms. Identifying asymptomatic and presymptomatic individuals early is an effective way of limiting spread within your workplace and within the community.

The program provides access to rapid screening kits so you can administer a workplace screening program. This opportunity is open to organizations with 150 or fewer employees.

How to Obtain Screening Kits for your Business

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Step 2 - Learn about the Program

Using our information repository, learn how your business can use screening to provide a safer workplace for your employees, customers, and community.


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